India’s first biodegradable U – Shaped Paper Straws

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Asip is an upshot of UFlex Asepto’s core philosophy – Nature First. Asip, the u-shaped portion-pack paper straw from the house of Uflex, is the first ‘Made-in-India’ U-shaped paper straw. Asip u-shaped paper straw is the natural and the most viable alternative to plastic straws. It consists high-quality edible-grade paper that meets global standards. The adhesive used to keep the paper intact is ultra-premium and lab-tested – it helps the paper to maintain its shape. Asip u-shaped paper straw is environmentally friendly and in line with UFlex’s commitments towards nature.


Asip is India’s first food-grade and moisture-resistant u-shaped paper straw made of environmentally sustainable-sourced papers, which are 100% recyclable. It is compatible with all drinks and beverages, and easily complements your existing straw applicators.

  • Superior Quality
  • Unique Origami Technology
  • Available in 140mm & 160 mm sizes
  • Compatible with your existing straw applicator
  • Used for Dairy & Dairy alternatives, Juices, Nectars, Still Drinks, RTD, ORS & others

Suitable for

  • PPH=Straw Hole

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Available in 140mm & 160 mm sizes


UFlex Asepto has implemented a fully automated Dutch technology at its flagship plant in Sanand, Gujarat. This technology processes high-quality food-grade paper with ultra-premium lab-tested food-grade adhesive to roll out u-shaped paper straws. This technology scientifically twists the straws to create the origami spiral effect giving the straws their natural u shape. The automated Dutch technology has a production capacity of approximately 2.4 billion straws annually.

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