Aseptic Packaging: A sustainable solution to food wastage

Aseptic Packaging: A sustainable solution to food wastage

Food wastage is a big problem all over the world. A recent study by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) showed that around one-third of all food produced globally is wasted every year. This amounts to approximately 1.3 billion tonnes of food!

FAO suggest that in India too, nearly 40 per cent of the food produced is wasted every year due to fragmented food systems and inefficient supply chains. This is the loss that occurs even before the food reaches the consumer. It is critical that technology is implemented at every stage of the supply chain to resolve this issue.

What if we say that Aseptic Liquid Packaging offers a sustainable solution to this global menace? Yes, aseptic liquid packaging addresses three main reasons that cause food wastage and resolves them forever. 

Preserve food for a longer period

One of the main reasons for food wastage is that we are unable to preserve them to be used later. Thus, it is wasted. This is highly common with perishable items like dairy and dairy products.

Aseptic packaging can help to reduce this wastage as it helps to preserve food and drinks for a longer period. This type of packaging involves sealing products in sterile containers so that they can be stored without refrigeration or other preservative methods. This means that food and drinks can be safely stored for months or even years without going off.

Protect the natural flavours of food 

We often discard food as it loses its natural taste and flavour; they get exposed to the outer atmosphere. This exposure causes the natural decomposition of the food, which makes it contaminated or poisonous. We term them “expired”. We come across several news reports on deaths caused by the consumption of contaminated food.  

Aseptic technology keeps food safe and retains its natural flavour for a longer period without refrigeration or preservatives. The process allows food to retain more colour, texture, taste and nutrition. The process also ensures that both food and packaging materials remain free of harmful bacteria. 

Distribute the food to the remotest areas

Another major reason for food wastage is its uneven distribution. We fail to transport food from the place of abundance to the place of scarcity. Tamper-proof and long-lasting packaging is the solution.

Aseptic packaging is tamper-proof and makes the food last for a longer period. It allows the transportation of food to even the remotest of regions without any difficulties.

Aseptic packaging is therefore a great way to reduce food wastage as it ensures that products can be kept fresh for much longer periods. It also allows food and drinks manufacturers to have a more sustainable supply chain as they can transport products over long distances without worrying about them going bad.

Asepto, being the fastest-growing aseptic liquid packaging company in the world, takes pride in playing its part to control food wastage. Originating from India, today Asepto has expanded its footprints across the world; it is providing solutions to the food wastage menace on a global level. And why not, as in India we say, Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam– the whole world is one family.

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