Filling Machines: The Essence of Aseptic Liquid Packaging

Filling Machines: The Essence of Aseptic Liquid Packaging

The importance of aseptic liquid packaging has increased significantly in the post-pandemic era. The covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed the purchasing habits of consumers all over the world. Consumers are now more aware and concerned about the hygiene, safety and originality of the product they purchase. They also consider the durability and longevity factors and prefer packets that are easy to store for an extended period.

Eventually, aseptic liquid packaging fulfils all these criteria to a great extent. Products packed inside an aseptic liquid carton are adulteration-proof and safe to consume. They carry their natural essence till the last drop. They are packed through a sterile procedure and thus are hygienic. And they are easy to store for an extended period without refrigerating them. It is probably, due to these reasons that Fortune Business Insights, one of the leading market research firms, says that the global aseptic packaging market size will rise from USD 59.06 billion in 2021 to USD 121.96 billion by 2028 at a 10.9% CAGR during the forecast period 2021-2028.

Filling Machines: the essence of the aseptic liquid packaging procedure

The rise in demand for aseptic liquid packaging cartons calls for the upgradation of the overall aseptic liquid packaging procedure. This procedure has two major parts – the aseptic liquid packaging cartons and the sterile filling machines.

The aseptic liquid cartons keep the products safe and make them look attractive to increase their probability of being picked by the consumer. However, the real essence lies with the sterile filling machine. These machines ensure that the beverage remains germ-free and carries its natural texture inside the cartons.

Need for next-gen technology

With the change in the market dynamics, there is a need to upgrade the way the aseptic liquid filling machines work.

  • More packs per hour – The market demand requires these machines to increase the speed and produce more packets every hour.
  • Multi-pack operation – These machines should operate more than one size packet. It should help reduce the overall operational cost.
  • Multi-variant operation – The machines must cater to different variants of beverages like dairy and dairy products, alcohol, and nectar-based liquids. This saves time and cost.
  • Easy to install and operate – A compact machine with a user-friendly interface is always preferred over a bulky and complex system.


FlexPress 10000

The FlexPress 10000 is the next-gen aseptic liquid filling machine from the house of UFlex Asepto that produces 10000 packs per hour. A modern-day marvel with state-of-the-art technology, this machine brings along the convenience of an All-in-One portion-pack filling facility.

It is an easy-to-install and easy-to-operate aseptic liquid-filling machine. The overall size of 6 M widths, 8M Length, and 7M height makes it efficiently compact. It is designed with fewer mechanical parts which reduce downtime and overall maintenance cost. It comes with a reel holder, 101 Spare Part Kit and 5m Conveyor.

The most interesting and advanced feature of FlexPress 10000 is that it is an all-in-one portion-pack filling machine. It can operate 100 ml to 200 ml sizes of portion packs with quick change-over time. It is optimum for packaging Dairy and Dairy Alternatives, Juice Beverages, and Alcohol. FlexPress 10000 boasts the NextGen Filling Technology that guarantees flexibility, speed, reliability and efficiency. It is setting up new standards of aseptic liquid filling solutions for the beverage industry. It is a boon for beverage manufacturing companies as it enables them to cater to the increasing complexities of the market dynamics.

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