Gulfood Manufacturing & Asepto: Tale of two stalwarts

Gulfood Manufacturing & Asepto: Tale of two stalwarts

In seven years only, Gulfood Manufacturing has become one of the biggest and most recognized global platforms for the food and beverage industry to learn, engage and exhibit their products, services, and solutions. The exhibition showcases a focused approach to taking the food manufacturing value chain forward to a more sustainable, resilient, agile and efficient future.



Gulfood Manufacturing provided an apt platform for showcasing technologies and innovations in the food manufacturing and packaging sectors. It offered a dais for the food manufacturing value chain to explore opportunities across markets and geographies.



Similar to the exponential growth of Gulfood Manufacturing, the story behind the rise of Asepto displays the strength of an idea backed by innovations and cutting-edge technologies and a vision to disrupt the global liquid packaging industry.



What started with a simple concept to bring diversity into liquid packaging and create a visible differentiation at the point of sale, today, Asepto is an end-to-end packaging solution provider that walks closely with its customers in their journey to success. Conceptualized in the year 2017 and becoming fully operational by the year 2018, in just four years, Asepto is now the world’s fastest-growing aseptic liquid company.



The way Gulfood manufacturing offers the exhibitors showcase their capabilities and extraordinary achievements in the food manufacturing and packaging segment, Asepto enables its customers to create a remarkable differentiation at the point of sale through its advanced foil-stamping and 3D holography printing technologies. Asepto not only manufactures liquid packaging cartons but also walks the extra mile for its customers by extending its services from designing the packaging to aseptic-filling them and then ensuring that they are market-ready to cut the competition.



The sagas of Gulfood manufacturing and Asepto complement each other. They both have achieved remarkable feats in their journeys and are now synonymous with innovation and futuristic and sustainable technologies in the food and beverage industry.



Once again, Asepto marks its presence at Hall No. 3, Stand No. A3-30 at the Gulfood Manufacturing exhibition 2022, at the World Trade Centre, Dubai, from November 8-10. And once again, the tale of two stalwarts will create something magical for the food and beverage industry to witness.

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