Importance of being market-ready in beverage industry

Importance of being market-ready in beverage industry

The Indian beverage industry is growing at a very rapid rate. Revenue in the beverages segment will reach USD 1,610 Mn by the end of 2022. The sector will rise at an annual growth rate (CAGR 2022-2027) of 13.74%, resulting in a projected market volume of USD 3,065 Mn by 2027.

The rapid growth brings along cut-throat competition as well. It is one of the most competitive segments where a consumer has plenty of options. Moreover, our diverse demography and geography make the market add to the challenge for beverage companies. They must ensure that their products are available in a particular place, are fresh, not damaged or tampered with, and are attractive enough to influence the purchase decision. How to ensure all these aspects? How to become market-ready?

Making the beverage market-ready

Being market-ready means a product has crossed four different stages satisfactorily. These four stages are:

  • Attractive packaging to influence the purchase decision

Various consumer behaviour studies suggest that attractive packaging enhances its chances of being sold by almost 30%. Factors like packaging design aesthetics, technologies such as foil-stamping and 3D holography, and availability in convenient sizes create lasting differentiation.

  • Sustainable Augmentation

After the ban on single-use plastic, consumers have become aware of what they are consuming. Today, a portion pack of the plastic straw is not acceptable to consumers. Therefore, a company must augment its product with sustainable options only.

  • Hygienic and touch-free packaging

In this post-covid era, consumers have become very much concerned about hygiene. They seek assurance that the product is 100 per cent safe and hygienic. To ensure this, the companies should opt for aseptic filling processes.

  • Preservation of ingredient purity

Consumers always prefer pure products and promise to maintain the originality of natural ingredients. Companies should always look for packaging methods that preserve the ingredients’ natural elements and deliver them to consumers in their original form.

  • Anytime, anywhere availability

Brand loyalty is one of the rarest things in the beverage industry. A consumer will shift to another brand if the preferred brand is not available. Therefore, a company needs to ensure that its production line never stops.

Asepto makes you market-ready

Asepto is one of the few companies in the aseptic liquid packaging segment providing all four services. Asepto is an end-to-end aseptic liquid packaging solutions company. Its cutting-edge technologies and futuristic designs help the aseptic liquid packaging cartons create a unique identity for the products. The recently launched Asip is the nature-friendly u-shaped paper straw brand that sustainably augments the portion packs and is completely natural, thus, safe for children, even if they chew it. Asepto offers its range of FlexPress, the aseptic liquid filling machines that are customizable and fully automated. Lastly, through Asepto Pro, the company ensures that its customers get technical assistance anytime, anywhere.

Asepto is the world’s fastest-growing aseptic liquid packaging company having more than 200 customers spread across 40 countries globally. Asepto has become the most preferred aseptic liquid packaging partner to its esteemed customers in just five years since its inception. They believe in Asepto as it helps them become market-ready.

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