Importance of continuity in the Beverage Industry

Importance of continuity in the Beverage Industry

For any machinery-dependent manufacturing unit, maintenance is one of the biggest challenges. Machinery requires regular check-ups; it may stop functioning at any point in time if not attended regularly. More than non-functionality, any malfunction in the machinery might cause irreversible damage to the overall set-up, the human resource, or the business at large.

Beverage production is one such sector that is machinery-dependent. Though, technology has evolved with time. Now advanced pieces of machinery are available that are more durable and seek less maintenance. However, due to the nature of the business, even a day-long issue might cause a huge financial loss to a beverage manufacturer.

Aseptic liquid packaging is also one of the segments of the beverage industry that involves high-tech machinery. As it follows the sterile procedure, these pieces of machinery are comparatively complex and involve multiple stages combined into one holistic system. These stages primarily cater to cleaning the aseptic liquid packaging cartons, rolling them in a series to fill the liquid without human touch, cutting and sealing the cartons and systematically disseminating them for assembly.

The beverage manufacturers prefer after-sale services and ask their machinery suppliers to look after the maintenance. Understanding the requirement better and keeping itself ahead of time, Asepto has conceptualised Asepto Pro – the after-sale support available round-the-clock globally. Asepto comes from the house of UFlex and is the world’s fastest-growing aseptic liquid packaging company.

Asepto Pro, the service arm of Asepto, has a team of highly trained engineers who are well-versed with every type of aseptic liquid filling machine from any company. Asepto Pro offers the following assistance to beverage manufacturers:

  • Technical Assistance
  • Skill Enhancement Services
  • Quality Assurance
  • Performance Management
  • Remote Assistance

Since its launch in 2017, when it had only 10 such trained engineers, Asepto Pro has grown big. It now has more than 75 highly trained engineers worldwide who are helping beverage manufacturers run their businesses with continuity. Asepto Pro is available in more than 12 countries and is fast-growing as the preferred after-sale maintenance partner.

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