Importance of End-to-End Solutions in Packaging Industry

Importance of End-to-End Solutions in Packaging Industry

Packaging and distribution are two of the major aspects of any food and beverage business. A company that produces the beverages has to ensure that the product reaches the consumer in the desired packaging that could further augment its perceived positioning among its target audiences. While most of these companies hold expertise in the production or processing of juices, nectar-based drinks, alcoholic beverages, or dairy and dairy products, they struggle in their packaging and distribution. And rightly so, as it is a separate ecosystem altogether.

Why Aseptic Liquid Packaging


With the growing demand for nutrition protection in beverages, and consumers looking for preservative-free packaging, the age-old generic packaging could never ensure these aspects. Consumers prefer products that carry the badge of safety and purity. And therefore, the industry had to graduate to aseptic liquid packaging. It is a mechanism that involves aseptic technologies to fill and pack the products in aseptic cartons having six layers of protection. As this process completely restricts human touch, it requires heavy machines that take care of the three primary steps: thermal sterilization of the product, sterilization of the packaging material, and conservation of sterility during packaging.

What is an End-to-End Packaging Solution

Only a few companies specialize in aseptic packaging and offer turnkey end-to-end packaging solutions. By turnkey end-to-end, it means

  • Manufacturing/procuring the right aseptic film best suited as per the product category
  • Designing/embossing the brand and product details on the films, filling and packaging the products
  • Distribution and transportation to the respective markets
  • Recollecting the used aseptic liquid packets to recycle them.


How Asepto adds value to its client’s business

Asepto is one such company that offers its clients 360° solutions when it comes to aseptic liquid packaging. Asepto’s state-of-the-art manufacturing unit at Sanand, Gujarat, produces around 10 Bn packs annually. Asepto has acquired clientele distributed across the world. Its beverage cartons are being transported in India and the global market. This way, Asepto is proudly contributing to Government’s Make in India movement. Asepto makes Shelf Talkers; it ensures that a world-class ‘Made in India’ product reaches its global customers. Its R&D team innovates aesthetically attractive designs that create differentiation at the point of sale, thereby increasing the probability of getting sold. Its Asepto Pro division takes complete care of the installation and smooth running of the filling and packaging machines at the clients’ end. Team Asepto Pro provides round-the-clock assistance so that production never stops.


Since its inception in the year 2017, Asepto has pioneered many path-breaking technologies that have given viable options to the drinks and beverages industry. As a result, the majority of the industry players have associated with Asepto to look after the complete packaging solutions. The fact that Asepto is now the world’s fastest-growing aseptic liquid packaging company that serves both global and domestic markets with clients catering to varied industries such as dairy, alcohol, and beverage, speaks a lot about it and the way it adds value to its client’s business.

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