India and Egypt: The Tale of Two Oldest Civilizations

India and Egypt: The Tale of Two Oldest Civilizations

Egypt is all set to host the 2022 edition of ProPak Mena under the flagship of Africa Food Manufacturing. The country boasts a rich culture and history. It is the home of one of the first civilizations on Earth. The magnificent Pyramids are a testimony of Egypt’s glorious past.

Similar to Egypt, India has a rich cultural legacy and one of the most advanced townships of ancient times. And similar to Egypt, India too is marching ahead in terms of improving the living standards of its citizens. The Indian government is making some serious efforts to ensure each and every citizen has access to safe drinking water and the availability of basic food at their doorstep. The government is also promoting public-private partnerships to improve overall infrastructure for the hygiene and safety of its citizens. 

India has already streamlined its food safety measures. The government has put all the checks and measures in place to prohibit food adulteration. Aseptic liquid packaging, being the safest option to store food & beverage items for a longer period, is, therefore, gaining momentum in India. Presently the Indian aseptic liquid packaging market is growing at the rate of 17-18% pa and is expected to double in the next five years to approx. 20 billion packs per annum.

Indian brands understand the market dynamics of Egypt very well. Asepto is bringing its most advanced aseptic liquid packaging innovations to Propak Mena 2022. Asepto understands the current and futuristic challenges that the food and beverage companies face and design its products in a way to enables its partners to grow their business manifold in no time.

Asepto comes from the house of UFlex, India’s largest flexible packaging material and Solutions Company. At the Propak Mena 2022 exhibition, Asepto would put on display one of the most advanced and ahead-of-its-time innovative technology, the foil stamping. It adds to the aesthetics of the pack and makes it stand out and cuts the clutter at the point of sale. Asepto’s ability to read the market pulse and be future-ready help in creating differentiation in the lives of its customers.

Asepto ensures that its customers’ production line never stops, and it has very well stood by its words. With a recent ban on plastic straws put by the government in INDIA, Asepto’s clients would not face any issues as Asepto has already started working on the production of biodegradable paper straws in India. Through Propak Mena 2022, Asepto is bringing the same assurance to the Afro-Asia market as well, the assurance of strengthening business, come what may! 

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