Leading the Future with Safe & Sustainable Packaging

Leading the Future with Safe & Sustainable Packaging

‘Asepto’ as the name suggests is derived from the word ‘Aseptic’ which means ‘Sterile’. With a commitment to make food safe, easily accessible and appealing, we work in coherence with the environment and our customers, and this inspires us to provide safe & innovative packaging solutions for the world.

With a solemn promise of ‘Freshness Preserved’, Asepto, a fully-owned arm of Uflex Limited, is India’s largest fully integrated multinational flexible aseptic liquid packaging materials and solution company. It is a leading name in Liquid Packaging in the country. We are the first Indian Aseptic liquid packaging manufacturer with a state-of-the-art facility in the industrial hub of Sanand in Gujarat. Our offering is designed to deliver user convenience, easy opening, and optimal shelf life to products like juices, non-aerated alcoholic beverages, and highly perishable liquid consumables like milk and other dairy products.

COVID-19 holding the world as a hostage

As the COVID-19 brings the world to a standstill, it has impacted businesses as well as the economy across the world. This unprecedented pandemic has even transformed our lives dramatically. In the last few months, we have witnessed significant changes in our day-to-day activities, not only in our personal sphere but also at our workplace. Every industry has been a victim of this predicament, whether it’s a small, medium, or any established company. Like any other organization, for us at Asepto, it meant adapting to new ways of working, and addressing a wide variety of needs, ranging from the health and safety of employees to keeping them aware, committed, and motivated.

Balancing the market needs while safeguarding the employees

Many industries today are experiencing challenging disruptions due to this pandemic. As our communities and businesses continue to feel the increased impact of Coronavirus, Asepto, a packaging company for liquid carton pack, is putting in place measures on its behalf to safeguard the well-being of its employees while ensuring our core mission of safe and reliable services continues uninterrupted.

With the lockdown restrictions starting to ease up in most parts of the world, organizations are bracing themselves to face the complexity of reopening their businesses. The biggest challenge being to revisit current working norms by adopting new practices and reclaiming the confidence of our people by providing a safer environment is a crucial step for businesses. Apart from the firm measures on hygiene and sanitation, maintaining strict adherence to social distancing norms and mask-wearing policies are being given importance.

Meeting stringent food safety standards & well-being of people

The pandemic has led to a shift in priorities for health and hygiene and resulted in rising demands for safe packaging across various sectors such as the food & beverage sector, e-commerce sector, and healthcare. As pioneers in the aseptic packaging industry in India, we understand the need for safety in these challenging times and we never compromise on food safety. On every package we manufacture, we promise that it’s a part of our vision & mission of delivering 3Ps i.e. Preserve, Protect, & Promote while delivering safe food everywhere.

Our package material complies with the standards that meet all the food safety norms. Also, our aseptic packs are manufactured without being touched while the drinks and beverages are filled with automated aseptic filling machines. Since, aseptic system relies on sterilizing processes, whether it’s the product that goes inside or the package that has been sterilized on both the sides – inside & out. Our package does not allow bacteria & viruses, light, oxygen, etc. to enter the pack, thus preventing the product inside from getting spoiled & making it safer for clients & consumers.

Protecting our employees’ health and safety is our priority & we make sure that they are being updated with all hygiene advisory communications such as frequent washing of hands, maintaining social distance and avoiding touching of surfaces, etc. through relevant media. Additionally, WHO and Govt. of India approved guidelines are being followed everytime. The operational goal is to make the guests/staff journey seamless by reducing the physical touch-points while they are at the property.

Through our stringent efforts and processes along with Asepto quality assurance, we are always trying to ensure the safety, good health, and hygiene of our consumers through safe packaging and preserving the natural quality and nutrition of products inside the packages.

Being a leading name in aseptic liquid packaging manufacturer in India and the globe, we have always believed in the fact that sustainable initiatives will be the way forward for any business to survive in the long-term growth. Therefore, we accord high value to environmental sustainability and ensure that all our business operations live up to the ethos of protecting and conserving the environment. Zero wastage methodology not only helps us to protect the environment but also helps us in moving towards circular economies. We also pay special attention to our manufactured products as they are made from paperboard that is 100% recyclable and can be further revamped into secondary products. We always believe in using fewer natural resources and creating less waste. We can foresee this as a critical step in building a sustainable future for the next generation, especially in the aftermath of COVID-19.


Nobody knows what lies ahead of the current pandemic. It is all about speculations on if or when this crisis will end. The changes in the packaging techniques are among some of the major moves to curb the spread of the virus. Our innovative aseptic liquid packaging material and designs have better barrier properties to protect against the elements that can compromise its safety while enhancing the shelf life. They also have more strength to ensure package integrity throughout the supply chain. The most important factor that will separate winners will be the agility to move along with the fast-changing market and keep introducing relevant innovative products.

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