Portion Packs: The Market Drivers

Portion Packs: The Market Drivers

A sizable business of the beverage industry comes from the ‘on-the-go’ drinks – drinks that you can consume instantly. And thus, the role of portion packs becomes very important. Portion packs are packaging solution that contains less quantity of beverage and can be served to an individual. These are smaller in size and often come with sippers or straws that make them easy to carry, consume and dispose of.

Portion Pack Market Size

As per a recent survey by Future Market Insights, the global consumption of portion packs stood at around USD 3.6 Bn in 2021 and is slated to increase at a CAGR of 6.6%, reaching a valuation of USD 7.3 Bn by 2032. Indeed, it is a very big market, too big to be ignored by a beverage manufacturer.

Portion packs are indeed the demand drivers in the market. While the family packs are mostly ‘once-in-a-month’ purchase items, consumers purchase portion packs daily to avail the convenience of having them anytime, anywhere. And therefore, a beverage manufacturer must ensure its presence in portion packs as well.  

Role of the Packaging Partner

When it comes to juices and dairy-based beverages, portion packs of aseptic liquid packaging cartons coupled with paper straws are the most preferred items. Be it mango juice or lassi and chhaas, or even instant energy drinks like ORS, they all come in portion packs of aseptic liquid packaging cartons. Therefore, an end-to-end aseptic liquid packaging solution provider must have the complete bouquet of packaging cartons in its kitty. The packaging partner must also have the foresight to read the market trends and customise the portion packs accordingly. Asepto, the world’s fastest-growing aseptic liquid packaging company offers a complete range of aseptic liquid packaging solutions. Its smallest portion pack, named Trio, comes in 65 ml size and goes up to 150 ml. Similarly, its Pillow portion packs start from 70 ml in size and go up to 1000 ml. Asepto also offers Curve and Crown, both in 200 ml size. The table below displays the complete range:

Along with variations in sizes, Asepto also offers world-class u-shaped paper straws by the name of ASip. These u-shaped paper straws are completely environment-friendly. They are available in 140mm and 160mm sizes. 

Asepto also provides an edge in the design aesthetic of the aseptic liquid packaging cartons. Its Foil Stamping and 3D Holography, the two advanced cutting-edge technologies help create a lasting differentiation among the cartons, making Asepto cartons the shelf-talkers.


Asepto, in just 5 years since its inception, has become the most preferred end-to-end aseptic liquid packaging partner to almost 200 companies spread across 40 countries globally. After all, who would not want to partner with someone who keeps itself ahead of time and rides on the market trends? 

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