Leading packaging innovations have always been a benchmark of Uflex product offerings.Iin the same way a great deal of thought has gone into creating the brand Asepto, the first Indian manufacturers of liquid cartons for Aseptic Packaging .

The brand presents a pragmatic mix of usability and aesthetics. It not only takes into account the stringent measures needed for optimal shelf life of highly perishable liquid consumables, like milk and other dairy products, juices & beverages and, but also help in making the packaging for such products look distinct and user-friendly.

For the first time in the world of Aseptic Liquid packaging ,Asepto excels in innovations, separating the brand from other beverage packaging with its uniqueness to offer smarter pack versions with high visibility value and strong attraction quotient.

The two variants: ASEPTO SPARK offers a unique holographic printing brick pack range, while ASEPTO PREMIUM gives the gives the option of foil stamping, multilens , embossing and holographic effects, which are truly unique. The various processes like holographic impressions through flexo printing technology for carton packs make them truly unique in the aseptic liquid packaging market.

ASEPTO product portfolio offers a wide range of brick pack sizes from portion to family packs with volumes of 100 ml Base, 125 ml Slim,160 ml Slim,200 ml Slim,250 ml Base,1000 ml Slim .

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