Mazoon Dairy from Oman with NDDB (National Dairy Development Board) Visited Uflex’s Asepto Sanand Plant

When we received a request from NDDB (National Dairy Development Board) to visit the Uflex aseptic packaging plant along with Mazoon Dairy employees of Oman, it was a satisfying feeling. For long, Uflex has been promoting the benefits of aseptic packaging for beverages, namely Asepto—which has been designed to deliver user convenience, easy opening and optimal shelf life to products like Juices, and highly perishable liquid consumables like Milk and other Dairy products.

On 4th April 2019, the 18-member team of Mazoon Dairy from Oman along with two members of NDDB visited our Asepto plant at Sanand. Mazoon Dairy, which has invested in leading technology to produce world-class dairy and juice products for Oman and adjoining regions, is opening a new dairy plant in Oman and its officials wanted to see the facilities and approach that is followed in India, especially Gujarat which is known for its ‘Operation Flood’ revolution. Considering the fact that our Sanand plant has established a benchmark in delivering quality packaging, the NDDB officials felt that we could help them understand the aseptic packaging aspect which revolves around a perishable product like milk.

Hence, when they visited our plant, they were happy to see the advanced mechanism that we undertake for aseptically packed liquid products and to enhance the duration of its shelf life. They wanted to see the entire process and the work that is carried out. The members of the Mazoon Dairy were from Production, Quality Control, and Engineering departments, and expressed their gratitude to allow them to visit the plant.

In fact, it was our pleasure to have hosted them and showcased the innovation we all need to adopt and adapt to address growing dairy needs. The group was inspired to see the uniquely novel holographic effects, multi-lens, foil stamping and embossing impressions on the packs falls under the category of offering from Asepto’s Spark and Premium range. The effects fit perfectly for those stellar effects on the shelf. We are extremely thankful to the Mazoon Dairy officials for enriching our knowledge about Oman’s dairy and juice industry and wish them best in their endeavors. Uflex hopes and welcomes more such opportunities to showcase Asepto’s approach in packaging and will be happy to contribute and encourage growing the aseptic packaging industry. We are really feeling inspired more than ever for the appreciations we have got. Thank you.

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