Packaging that keeps it all safe

Our aseptic liquid packaging cartons comprise six layers of protection that keep the beverage unexposed to the outer world, i.e., sunlight, air, moisture, etc. These layers help the cartons preserve the natural texture and essence of the product till the last drop. As these layers contain FSC-grade paperboard that provides the pack with the desired shape and required durability, it becomes tough enough to resist shock, thrust and any other forceful impact that could damage the carton.

The six-layered shield helps us ensure that your product travels miles without any damage and deliver the original freshness to your consumers to add to their delight.

12 Billion Packs per annum

Asepto’s converting process is equipped with some of the most advanced machinery that is fast-paced automation with precision and innovative adaptations. Asepto is now manufacturing 12 billion packs per annum.

With a product portfolio suitable to a complete range of beverages available in the market, we have gradually gained the trust of some of the leading beverage companies in India and abroad to become their end-to-end packaging partner. In addition to aesthetic augmentation, we also provide sterility and counterfeiting assurance to our clients. The fact that we are now successfully packing some of the trickiest items like Ghee (purified butter) comfortably describes our ability and approach as a packaging innovator.

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