Freshness Preserved’

left-box Design Methodology

We truly understand the merit of standing out of the clutter and the struggle to get noticed in an already inundated retail shelf. Packaging plays a key role in a customer’s buying decisions and facilitates the first tryst with them.

Packaging serves as the last mile salesperson for a brand, and a lot vests on its shoulder, in terms of engaging the customer at the point-of-sale to transcending this interaction to a successful transaction till the point of consumption.

With a rich pedigree of pre-press capabilities, most efficient converting technology and unmatched packaging finesse at our disposal we can evoke a ‘WOW’ for your product.Our packaging design technology includes an optimised blend of enhanced aesthetics, colour schemes, shapes, functionalities and brand protection features among others. Our hi-specification paperboard and printing technologies do everything right from real-time color monitoring, defect detection and rendering seven-colour output all at lightning-fast speeds. This enables quick turnaround, in terms of high quantities of precisely sized sheets for undertaking specific packaging production runs, simultaneously, optimising efficiency and minimising waste.

Our metalized pack is an altogether new offering in the industry with unique metallic effects on the torso of the pack obtained through Flexographic Printing Technology. Integration of metallic impressions changes the visual identity and creates a lasting impression on the packs. The 7 colour play printing is an added advantage of our product bouquet. Our approach is to create innovative printing which gives a distinct appeal to the packs drawing the attention of customers at “POINT OF SALE"


left-box Designing Functional Excellence

We don’t just take care of your product, but your brand image as well; your brand is the most valuable asset. When you work with us, you can have true serenity knowing we'll do whatever it takes to protect your image's trustworthiness and brand’s goodwill – for now, and for what's to come. Our packs not only suffice the customers’ aesthetic needs but also bestow additional opportunities of functionally driven solution. 



Our packs offer higher user convenience, easy opening and extended shelf life to products like Juices, Non-aerated Alcoholic Beverages and highly perishable liquid consumables like Milk and other Dairy products. Our packs are designed for shelf impact, and its impervious nature prevents spoilage, thus the products don’t even need to be refrigerated. 


Our packs are available inconsistencies ranging from low viscosity to high viscosity easy flowing and easy pourability; combined with the lean body designs  make them carry-able, everywhere. We have capabilities and technical experience to produce the right anti -counterfeiting solution to protect your brand from duplication.This includes various holographic patterns displaying 3-dimensional images. 


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