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left-box Environmental Responsibility

Focus on Resource Optimization

We accord very high value to environmental sustainability and ensure that all our business operations live up to the ethos of protecting and conserving the environment.

Responsible Manufacturing Practice

We are driven by the need to give back to Mother Nature. We are committed to protecting the environment, our people’s health and safety, and sustaining the ecological welfare of where we live and work. Our business operations firmly uphold our adamancy to Reduce Emissions and Wastage, Conserve Water &Energy and Promote Circular Economy. It is our Social Responsibility to use fewer Natural Resources and create less waste.




No VOC Materials

Asepto believes that zero waste — producing, consuming  and reusing without discarding anything — is a moral, cost-productive and visionary approach that all manufacturers  should employ. Furthermore, while outright zero waste might be not be conceivable ,but with our zero waste controlling standards and the methodologies we execute to tail them are helping us to get closer and more like a genuinely zero waste process. Moreover all our inks & adhesive application   used in the process of manufacturing aseptic carton packaging material are water based and does not produce any VOC material. This approach is in accordance with our progressing endeavors to move to a circular economy

Zero Liquid Discharge

Ours is a ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) plant equipped for reducing waste and reusing water.

Rain Water Harvesting & Drip Irrigation and Treated Waters

Our Plant has a fully equipped Rainwater Harvesting Structure that suffices the requirement of water for manufacturing Purposes. Other measures taken for water conservation are drip irrigation and water treatment plant solutions.

VFD & Centrifugal Chillers

We always work towards mitigating the adverse effects of climate change. We manage energy consumption through centralized and customized advanced lighting system with efficient light sources (LEDs) that reduce usage of lighting energy, simultaneously enhancing visual ambience.

All pumps, compressors and fans have VFD installations which optimize power utilization. Processes are driven by centrifugal pumps with automatic dampers and valves controlling the flow.

Our Green Building design effectively reduces energy demand, as it helps bring down heat levels and reduces the need for air-conditioning. Best available COP (Coefficient of performance) has been selected for chillers, delivering optimum performance, simultaneously economizing energy consumption. Energy loss during transmission is one of the major criteria for selecting a transformer; no-load losses are reduced as per the guidelines of IS1180 and our transformer efficiencies are ranked among the best across the industry.

paperboard we use is 100% recyclable

Upholding our commitment towards ‘Circular Economy’ our carton products are made from paperboard that is 100% recyclable.

We pay special attention towards management of waste generated during the production process and also make steady attempts to utilize the Post-Consumer Recyclate (PCR). As in these times addressing waste is as much a priority as food production (flavoured milk) is.

Our Recycling strategy is implemented by a renowned agency that converts paper boards into secondary products like decorative ply, gift items, furniture, etc. thereby reducing overall waste.

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