From Founder, Chairman & Managing Director

We have crossed yet another milestone! With our aseptic liquid packaging material manufacturing plant commissioned at Sanand (Gujarat), we have completed our product bouquet in its entirety.Today we stand in a good stead to offer end-to-end flexible packaging solutions for all product types- be it solids, semi-solids, powders or granular materials, non-aerated liquids, viscous fluids, pastes or gels for that matter we can service them all with perfection much to the delight of our clients.

ASEPTO as we have chosen to call our liquid packaging material brand is the first ever Indian trade mark in the aseptic packaging space and is as immaculate as our other flexible packaging solutions. I am exhilarated to state that this venture reaffirms our commitment towards Government’s flagship scheme ‘Make in India.’

A lot of research and development has gone into making this brand that is all set to redefine the liquid packaging experience. Hailing from our philosophy of offering not just the packaging material but also the associated packing machines, ASEPTO is uniquely complimented by indigenously engineered and manufactured Asepto Smart Filling Lines to complete the brand service continuum.

Upholding the ethos of our Group, all business practices and product development protocols for aseptic liquid packaging material manufacturing have been immaculately conceived to conform with our guiding principles of innovation to create value-added differentiation and sustainability.

I have always believed that having alternatives makes prudent business sense in the market. I see ASEPTO as a pleasant alternative for our clients who have settled for nothing short of the best ever. In fact ASEPTO will further strengthen our ties with them in the liquid packaging space which I see as a natural progression of our long-standing business relationship for other product types.

The unrelenting faith that our clients pose in UFlex has been the cornerstone of our success and we shall continue to delight them with unrivaled flexible packaging solutions as always.

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From President & CEO

Asepto, as we see it today, is an outcome of a belief to transform the aseptic liquid packaging industry in India and abroad. Under the tutelage of our Founder, Chairman & Managing Director, Mr Ashok Chaturvedi, Asepto has successfully familiarized multiple aseptic liquid packaging solutions with innovative designs and concepts. We have given the industry an option to shift from age-old and outdated packaging solutions. Designs that could create a lasting differentiation at the point of sale were the need of the hour. We saw the opportunity and made our moves believing that the market would value our innovative designs, cutting-edge technologies, and honest efforts. Within four years since our inception, Asepto has become the world’s fastest-growing aseptic liquid packaging company.

When you practice your belief persistently, it becomes a habit. At Asepto, we have developed this healthy habit of outperforming our records. This winning mindset of competing with ourselves is, once again, an outcome of the belief that our CMD had in us. This habit has also helped us stay ahead of time. We read market sentiments beforehand and innovate products that suit the market pulse. We have been able to win the trust of our clients by being market ready.

As motivation flows top-down, so does the belief. The entire unit of Asepto works as one team guided by a shared vision – creating environmentally sustainable innovative solutions for the aseptic liquid packaging industry. Our plant at Sanand, Gujarat, echoes the same vibes. It is a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) plant that reuses its complete wastewater. We also recycle almost all our industrial waste and convert them into utility items. Along with innovating differentiating designs like Foil Stamping and 3D Holography on aseptic liquid cartons, we are also working on innovative technologies to completely recycle our industrial waste and make Asepto a ‘Carbon-Neutral’ company.

Today, Asepto has graduated from being a belief; Asepto is now a philosophy. We are responsible corporate citizens; we follow a set of beliefs that defines the rules about how to behave. We are responsible for our peers and patrons, society at large, and the environment. We are happy to say that we are behaving responsibly while adding discernible value to the business of our clients.

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