Freshness Preserved’

left-box Packaging Innovation

Asepto Premium redefines the making of carton packs into an art form. The luxurious shiny finish is the classiest way to present packs on shelves. ASEPTO PREMIUM, thus, certainly gives brands a great option to increase their product lines without contemplating about creating an urbane look for the packs.

This ostentatious packaging is achieved with sparkling holographic and metallic looks, giving brands endless possibilities to give an evolutionary edge to their existing packs, or altogether create a new brand proposition to their existing line of products. ASEPTO SPARK enhances the aesthetic elements of the carton packs significantly, giving a distinct identity that augments the ease for enhanced shelf impact.

The time-honored technique of Asepto Eye with a ripple concave lens technology offers 3-D effects on the aseptic packs. It allows customization as per the deigns requirements, offering variety of propositions in terms of various shapes and sizes.

Asepto packages purity by setting new benchmarks in healthy and safe packaging. Asepto perfectly addresses the needs of ghee segment by offering duplication-proof and tamper-proof packs, while accentuating the looks. It promises to deliver brands an appealing and safe packaging—a winning combination.

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