Freshness Preserved’
The multi layers to preserve

goodness of health

left-box Asepto Liquid Packaging Material

Asepto packaging material comprises a six layered packaging for the Beverage, Dairy and Distillery Industries, built on the 3 P’s of Packaging i.e. PRESERVE, PROTECT and PROMOTE keeping in mind the perspectives of our customers and the end users.

The packaging solution thus engineered is highly effective and optimised with the best material application comprising paperboard, aluminium and polyethylene. All the raw material used in the packaging is food grade and comply with stringent quality and safety regulations.

This multi-layered construction enables the aseptic carton to protect the contents from various factors responsible for spoilage, preserving the product freshness and value. The packaging thus increases the shelf life of the product and saves from dependency on the cold chain besides enunciating easy to handle-ability.




The hi-efficiency paperboard provides the required sturdiness and strength to the pack besides a good surface material for clear design printing.


The aluminium foil layer is a strong barrier for O2 and light thereby protecting the product filled inside from external environmental impacts.


The inner layer made of polyethylene makes it possible to seal through the liquid.

left-box Converting Process

Our converting process starts with the approval of design from the client. The approved design is fit into Asepto key line drawings as per the variant. The design  thereafter is made on the flexo plates for printing.

The flexo plates are used for printing on to the hi-efficiency Asepto liquid packaging board with the possibility of printing up to 7 colours with inline creasing and punching facilities.

The paperboard further goes for the lamination process on the extrusion machine with aluminium film and layers of polyethylene to make a  six layer ASEPTO pack  jumbo roll.

The jumbo rolls are slit into single pack reels that travel through automatic packing system where it is converted into desired pack sizes .The packaging material is shrink wrapped for moisture protection, palletised by an automatic robot to avoid the human touch and further sent to goods warehouse through an automatic conveying system.

 In the complete process, the material is checked at each and every stage of operation and processed in controlled environment & hygienic conditions. The finished aseptic packs/ cartons are finally run on filling lines and the desired product (juice, milk, dairy and distillery products) are filled inside them.

One of the  most endearing facts about the aseptic packaging material is the fact that it provides stiffness required to enable optimum utilisation of storage and transportation space, further bringing down the logistical and warehousing costs.


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