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left-box Asip u-shaped paper straw

Asip, the u-shaped portion-pack paper straw, from the house of UFlex, is the first u-shaped paper straw manufactured in India.

Asip u-shaped paper straw is the natural and the most viable alternative to plastic straws. It is made of high-quality edible-grade paper that meet the global standards. The adhesive that is used to keep the paper intact is ultra-premium and lab-tested – it helps the paper to maintain its shape up to eight hours. Asip u-shaped paper straw is environment friendly and is in line with UFlex’s commitments towards the nature.


  1. Superior Quality
  2. Unique Origami Technology
  3. Available in 140mm and 160mm sizes
  4. Compatible with your existing straw applicator
  5. Can be used for Juices, Nectars, Still Drinks, RTD, ORS, Dairy & Dairy Alternatives amongst other products available in Aseptic Packs

Let’s switch to more sustainable option. Let’s return to nature.

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