Our State Of The Art Technology

Without consistent efforts toward technological upgarde, it is next to impossible to attain sound results matching the vision of the company and the expectations of customers. ASEPTO excels on the back of sound technology inputs that, in otherwords, has played a big role in differentiating not only the brand, but also the proposition it offers to customers. The state of the art manufacturing plant has competency to integrate holographic and foil stamping impressions on the aseptic carton packs which is never seen before.


  • High speed Printing Machine (up to 550 meter per minute)
  • 100% Auto Defect Inspection System
  • Detects smallest of defects in its peak speed
  • Auto web cleaning system, to ensure no paper dust


ManufacturerGallus, GERMANY
Creasing ToolsMadern, NETHERLANDS
Unwinder / RewinderMartin Automatic, USA
Max Width1350mm
Number of Print Units7nos


  • Hyper speed Extrusion Lamination Machine (up to 600 meter per minute)
  • 100% surface defect detection system for décor and inside layer both
  • Online Contactless flame cleaning system on both side of the web for best Hygiene and quality
  • Close loop Fully Automatic gauze control system with Auto die
  • Online Corona System for better adhesion on metallic substrate
  • Unwinder – Mtorres Europe


Max Width1350mm


  • Hyper speed slitting machine (1200 meter per minute)
  • Photo electric web guiding system for very high accuracy web alignment
  • Print steps counter, for high accuracy of packs per reel
  • Fully automatic reels unloading system with complete ERP Integration
  • Auto positioning of knives and counter knives for high slitting accuracy
  • Automatic splice stamp applicator for splice identification


ManufacturerIMS, ITALY
Max Width1350mm


  • Fully automatic Robotic Packing system
  • Untouched vacuumed packing system to ensure Bacteria and Moisture free product
  • Packaging Capacity – 120 reels per hour
  • 19 pallets of different orders and variants can be packed online
  • Stretch wrapping Machine Handling capability – 40 pallets per hour


ManufacturerITW, Signode

Quality & Safety

A Promise to Our Customers

We vouch for a safe quality packaging material for our customers. It is imperative to consider physical and chemical interactions of ingredients with existing packaging materials. The packaging must function as a barrier to microbiological, chemical and physical contaminants that degrade product quality & safety during the products stated shelf life. Our expertise allows us to understand, deliver & continuously provide an improved quality packaging solutions to all our stake holders

  • Fully equipped quality lab
  • Next gen testing equipment's X rite spectrophotometer for print consistency checks-L&W moisture tester
  • RCS tester for crease quality
  • Instrons peel and coefficient of friction tester for laminate seal-ability & run ability
  • Digital scale to check repeat lengths, to ensure a high level of precision to the product manufactured.
  • Highly automated operations, call for minimal human intervention substantially reducing hygiene concerns
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