Moving Towards Circular Economy

It is our collective responsibility to make a pivotal shift in our approach to resource consumption and waste management. Unlike the “take, make and dispose” model, at Asepto, we are moving towards circular economy. As an environmental responsibility, we recycle what comes to us. We are walking the talk as we adopt a regenerative system where resources are reused, refurbished, remanufactured, and recycled to minimize waste and environmental impact.

Enzymatic Recycling Is The Future

The Enzymatic Delamination Technology is highly efficient as it is faster, economical and involves high quality recycling method

  • Eliminates the necessity of solvent usage, mechanical forces and thermal energy
  • Enzyme lowers the reaction’s activation energy
  • Enzymes can replace the addition of harsh chemicals in the delamination process
  • This leads to the use of non-toxic reagents – less energy consumption
  • The whole process reduced carbon footprint
  • Recycles paper waste into reusable materials
  • Conserves natural resources like wood pulp, water and energy

We Revive, Regenerate and Recycle Responsibly

  • We blend our industrial waste cartons with water to separate paper fibres
  • We process the collected fibres by drying and pressing to extract high-quality reusable fibres
  • We mould these fibres to create utility items and bring them back to use

India’s 1st Biodegradable U-shaped paper Straw

    Asip is India’s first food-grade and moisture-resistant u-shaped paper straw made of environmentally sustainable-sourced papers, which are 100% recyclable. Asip is Asepto’s another step towards sustainability.

Enzymatic Delamination Technology

Recycle Regenerate Revive

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