An Experience Beyond Just Packaging

In this world of augmented reality, the role of packaging is not limited to storing the product in a pre-defined shape, it is way beyond. We came into existence to address this ‘way beyond’. We are Asepto, a name derived from the word ‘Aseptic’ which means sterile, or germ-free.

We are the world’s fastest-growing aseptic liquid packaging company with a presence in over 40 countries and serving more than 200 esteemed clients and growing.

We are one of the few companies that offer end-to-end aseptic liquid packaging solutions to our customers, thereby assisting them with innovative designing, six-layered cartons, highly-advanced filling machines, and service assistance by highly-trained engineers.

Production Capacity

12 Billion Packs per annum

Attuned to Government’s ‘Make in India’ vision, our aseptic packaging manufacturing facility in Sanand, Gujarat, is spread over 21 acres of the sprawling 72-acre land parcel. With a production capacity of 12 Bn packs annually, it is equipped with the latest top-of-the-line converting machines capable of manufacturing high-quality aseptic packs.

Our facilities operate on a Zero Liquid-Waste Discharge model. We recycle our wastewater, a step towards sustainable manufacturing.

Our Approach

We follow the ‘nature first’ approach in our operations. We believe that everything has originated from nature and will return to nature in the end. Therefore, we keep it simple when it comes to doing business. We work on ideas and innovations that are nature-oriented, add value to our client’s businesses, and are beneficial to society at large.

100% Customer Satisfaction

From a beverage company that is using our aseptic liquid packaging material, to a child who is using our paper straw with utmost innocence after sipping off his fruit juice, for us, everyone is our customer. Therefore, we work with precision and supreme responsibility to add value at every step of the product journey. We understand that customer satisfaction is an outcome of a continuous process to attain perfection in what you do.

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